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                                             PROVINCIAL NOBILITY: PATTERNS OF THINKING AND MANNER                                                (AS EXEMPLIFIED IN THE UPPER CLASSES OF THE MIDDLE VOLGA IN THE LATE 1850S - 1870S)


Shevnina Olga Evgenyevna, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of history of fatherland, state and law, Penza State University,

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94 (470+571)


There is a look to the provincial nobility of Penza, Samara and Simbirsk provinces of the end of 1850th – 1870th in the article, it includes its evolution of economic, legal, political statuses, influence of these descriptions on mentality of the nobility, ways of his adaptations within the framework of Russian modernization.

Key words

nobility, modernization, economic position, legal status, corporate organization, mentality evolution.

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